Author: Hugo Gonzalez , Colima

Subject: Songbird

Type of Club: Song

Rules & Explanation : 1) Choose a cool song.
2) Write some words on a board that are on the lyrics of the song, put some words that are not on song as well to make it a little harder.
3) Make two teams and put them in line.
4)Play the song 
5) When the students on the front of the row hear a word that is written on the board they have to rush to the board and circle the word at the moment they hear it.
6) For each correct word that they circle the team gets 10 points, if they circle an incorrect word its -10.

Commentary: This is a really fun club, as a recommendation have the lyrics of the club printed so that it is easier for you to check, choose two songs at least, it would take you the whole hour for this club.

Julio Gonzalez