Descriptive Puzzle

By: Samara Flores

Subject: Descriptive Puzzle

Type of Club: Game

Rules & Explanation : 

Material: Print out images used for puzzles of 500 or 1000 pieces or therefore an image with a scenery full of different characteristics. Cut the image into pieces. (Squares, rectangles, etc) as long as they can fit into place. Give each student a piece of the cut image facing down. 

Instructions: Separate the students into teams. Use a puzzle image for each team. Each student must have a piece of the image used for their team facing down. 
They must describe and make questions about the picture without showing it to the rest of the team. Using adjectives and prepositions they must figure out where each piece goes to form the puzzle. 
When they finish guessing all the pieces, they must place them facing down for the teacher to turn around. 

If the puzzle is correct, the team earns a point. If the puzzle is wrong, the teacher must mix the pieces and redistribute it to the students to start the puzzle again. (Everybody gets a different piece, not the one they had before) until the puzzle is completed. 

The team with most points wins.


This activity helps students to be descriptive and oriented. The use of adjectives and prepositions is helpful to practice giving directions, instructions and descriptions of any kind, while they also use their imagination to try to form a picture in their minds.